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Frequently Asked Questions

UPDATED:  1-10-2014

Notice: The information presented here is ONLY a guideline and represents ONLY the personal views of the technicians at Gulf Coast Computer. It is NOT warranted to solve your particular problem scenario. Gulf Coast Computer, it's owners and it's employees assume NO responsibility for the worthiness or functionality of any information or programs shown on this document. Use at your own risk.

We now use the free antivirus product provided by Microsoft.  It is simple, straightforward, and does not hog the resources of your machine as bad as most. Under Windows_8, it is called Windows Defender. Prior OS's should use MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials). If using Windows_8, go to Control Panel, choose Actions, and be sure that it is enabled.

To load MSE on pre-Win_8 systems, just google "Download MSE".

We use the free version of SuperAntiSpyware.
It is available at:

We also use the free version of MalwareBytes.
It is available at:

For cleaning up junk files and the registry, we use the free version of CCleaner.
It is available at:

For more info on keeping your system clean, click virusinfo.pdf